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The mission and focus of the blog is to be a self-development space for curious, inspired, entrepreneurial minds who are looking to be their best selves. It focuses on giving guidance to grow, and advice for professional betterment.

Be Imperfect.

Okay, so here is the blog post I was planning on writing last week, before I got sidetracked after my emotional meltdown while watching Little Women. If you don’t know what that was all about then check out last week’s blog post. But this is a new week, I’m just as emotional but we are going to soldier on and talk about something that really matters in the current moment.


Sometimes seems like a scary word doesn’t it? It reminds you of the last time you went over to your friend Emma’s house and she was making her own compost for the tomatoes she was growing in her garden that somehow manage to feed her family of five. You remember the scathing look some young hipster gave you when you had to buy a plastic bag at the supermarket the other day with a screaming toddler in your…

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Beautiful Photos of your Adventures for your Happy Album

These steps make it easy to cherish your happiest moments from every perspective! Photographing the scenery, the people you’re with and the special details will bring your happy memories to life. By taking the extra effort to find the best lighting, use a simple background and straighten your horizon, the quality of your photos will WOW your friends and family! I challenge you to take a few of the tips you don’t already use and try them next time you’re behind the camera.

Tips To Photograph Your Happy Moments

How To Use Personal Brand Images To Connect With Your Audience

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NICOLE BEDARD | Photography

Personal Brand Photography Sessions are on the rise and it’s due to the vast amount of visual content people consume online and the challenge that businesses face having new and consistent images to keep their audiences engaged. Personal Brand Sessions solve two major problems for business both big and small. First, they save the business owner time. By designing a brand specific photoshoot that captures a bulk amount of images, the owner can access the images when needed and focus on their actual business instead of hunting around for iPhone images. Second, they provide both a consistent and professional look to the brand. There is a time and place for an iPhone image, but high quality professional images  are necessary for promoting your brand and projecting a professional look.

The first quarter of 2019 is well on its way and many businesses are already thinking about Spring and Summer products…

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