As our team works on projects, we plan on sharing them through our blog


Our blog is our website we use to put our latest projects on that we want to share with our potential clients. It is our journal space to document our journey through the projects we choose to do on our free-will as well as projects we get from people who need our services we provide. The blog will be active every week with three blog posts weekly; Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, where we will have one blog post from each team member.

This is my space and I’m doing what gives me a sense of hope, happiness, motivation and control

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The mission and focus of the blog is to be a self-development space for curious, inspired, entrepreneurial minds who are looking to be their best selves. It focuses on giving guidance to grow, and advice for professional betterment.

To overcome the challenge that females could not relate to edited, repetitive images of models, Aerie created a campaign for models to appear more relatable and real

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Because girls are often unhappy with their appearances, the company adopted a ‘come as you are’ motive and encouraged girls to wear Aerie products regardless of their weight or body shape.

Kettuvallam — houseboats (literally in Malayalam ‘Kettu’ means “to tie” while ‘vallam’ meaning “boat”) which can carry more than 25 tons — was the most preferred transport option to carry heavy loads and also take people to remotest of villages via backwaters

It is said that the master brain behind building shades over the boats, was that of a British man, who on one of his journeys across the waters suggested this idea to build bamboo roof overhead.