Two weeks may sound like nothing, but it sure feels like something when you wake up every day, check your phone just to see that out of all the people you texted, nobody responded

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I knew deep inside me that I wanted to do, let’s call it “business stuff”, the second my best friend introduced me to it. My mind still orgasms with every new marketing secret I learn. I just think it’s fascinating. I want this so much I take punches daily that knock me to the fucking ground but I get up every. damn. time. I dare to say I even jump back up, eager to throw seven to eight punches back before I go down again just to repeat the whole process. But up until the point where I stumbled across these lines I wasn’t 100% sure I had what it takes. And that’s as honest as I can be. I just wasn’t sure if I had it in me. I was scared, unsure and holding myself back because I was at war with thoughts like “This is too good to be true, it’s never going to work out.”, “Who do I think I am I don’t know shit I have zero work experience.” or “I am a nobody. Not a single person on this planet will ever pay me to do this.” I was crippled by the fear, that it won’t work out and I’ll make a fool of myself trying. Scared of failure and scared I’d have to go back to working full-time at a complete shithole for the rest of my life. Those things were what kept me from being 100% in.

The postcards also double as name cards which is a bonus since I want to allow the viewers to take something with them from my exhibition, which is a series of photos

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I have not finalised the images that will be printed on postcards but I intend to choose the ones that represent my project best. As for the number of postcards or envelopes, I do not think I will print them in a huge bulk as the pandemic is still around and I haven’t the slightest clue how many people will show up so the envelopes will be limited to just 25.